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Debra McCollister
Children on Medicaid May Lack Sufficient Access to Dental Care
Two nationwide studies from Georgia Tech show a more complete picture of the U.S.’ publicly-funded dental care program.   
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  • Dec 12

    How Driverless Cars Will Change the World

    Newsweek and Georgia Institute of Technology are sponsoring a seminar, How Driverless Cars Will Change the World, bringing together experts from city governments, Silicon Valley, Detroit and elsewhere to discuss how to bring about the future we all want.

  • Jan 9

    Hot Cities 2050

    This workshop will bring together various national and international stakeholders to identify urban thermal climate challenges, and ways of addressing these.

  • Jan 23

    Urban Air Mobility: An Opportunity for Georgia

    In this workshop, we will collectively address the question, “How can Atlanta and all of Georgia participate in the economic opportunity of UAM?”